Monday, April 14, 2008

27 Dresses

Date :14 April
Time :4:00 pm show
Venue:Satyam cinemas-Studio 5
Duration:2 hrs
Objective : Watch movie-27 dresses

Like one of those blind date movies, Nish and myself stepped into the ever master bedroomed sized, theatre-Studio5 of satyam cinemas.The memory of 'December Boys' in the same Studio5 still afresh in our minds, Nisha menacingly says "Kavi, this movie better be good", I give a nervous chuckle-with my fingers secretly crossed, hoping the next 2 hours would be worth a watch.

I must, add that nisha has a habit of gathering all possible data about the movie before watch.Courtesey: THE HINDU- Friday Review.But, this one was planned suddenly which unfortunately didnt give my friend much time to do her usual data collection ritual.

As it turned out, the movie one of those in the genes of "50 first dates" or "Just like heaven" or....
Ok..enuf...Well the movie is one of the Romantic-Comedy with a capital R, sugary illogical, predictable, insipid story line but utterly engaging,dainty silly rainbow romance flick.

The movie features Katherine Heigl as Jane, whose been a bridesmaid for 27 weddings, and has this inability to say NO (Kinda rings bells in my head), when a favor is asked of her by anyone,which is clearly exploited by her sister Tess who almost gets married to Jane's Boss George, to whom Jane secretly has a crush.

My favorite part in the movie, was the last scene where Jane weds Kevin Doyle(played by James Marsden), and wears her 28th dress.But this time , she's not the maid of honour but she's the bride.

The most interesting part of the whole evening was when i was sipping a cuppa coffee with my friend after the movie,She casually throws out this comment of how long, are we gonna go around watching these 27 dresses like movies...I bursted out laughing...her comment was insanely true and thought provoking too..
For how long..???????????????????????!!!!!????????????????

In the end, I liked the movie...typical me!..

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