Sunday, May 9, 2010


I was watching my mom sleep like an angel, cudnt help but come up with this post today being "Mother's day" and I got all senti!!! hehe

My dad
I'm my daddy's girl.We are more like the prakash raj- trisha duo in Abiyum naanum.I always walk with my hands around my dad's shoulders given my taller stature and Hug him tight during bike rides.Back in college during my basketball days when I had the first of many ligament tears in my knee, my dad came running down the MIT stands took me in his arms and rushed to the college medical centre, with the entire gallery watching a man running carrying his oversized daughter.All through the way i was like "appa, its embarassing..put me down..I'm a big girl"...He jus said "Nee kozhantha thaan ma ennaku"...(feels great to write about it now as much as it was embarassing then. :D )
My sis.
My mom often says.,that my sister would have been my mamiyar (mom-in-law) in my previous birth. She is my younger one.She is the apple of my parents' eye.Responsible-obedient-successful-maska pottufying younger daughter.Everything I am not.We complement eachother in all aspects of life.She specializes in punching department and I in the kicking department.From cat fights to bloody brawls to using english as the medium of swearing and cursing (so, that mom wont understand at the same time, the is damage is maximised.) we are the mambalam sisters. ;) . But for some weird reason we became muted to eachother during her parting last year when she left for her higher studies. Some phemomenon cant be explained. :)))-
My mom.
Motherhood is a complex thing and so is a mother-daughter relationship.My mom and I are the 2 sides of a coin.Or rather I take the side she is not in.I think,act,live my life in every way my mom does'nt want me to(Not particularly proud of ). I'm rebellious only to my mom.I yell and take out my anger on her more than anyone.She's like my sink I dump my frustrations into when I'm having a bad day.My mom and I are from two entirely different worlds.We have nothing in common. For me, my world revolves around things thats totally immaterial to her or anyone for that matter.,which have been the source of very many arguments.I top her "worry" list.I really would like her to stop worrying about me and allow us to connect on a different level - no longer the mother and the child, but the mother and a grown up daughter, no matter how incapable I might be of taking care of myself sometimes..How wrong was I!!!!!
However,there comes a moment in everyone's life.,when you hit rock bottom and your party is over.I had one such moment.It was like standing naked in front of the whole world with all my imperfections.Something my mom tried to tell me all the way through.There were long stretches of time, where i dont remember what I was doing.Sleep deprived,Fell sick.Quit job. When everyone was too held up to even notice it was my mom who saw through me, she never asked Why,What or how? most importantly she never said "I told you so..". Six months on my road to recovery she never left me out of her sight.I'm at loss of words of how much I appreciate my mom for all that i am today.

Happy Mother's Day Amma...
This is one of my favorite songs dedicated my mom and to all wonderful mom's out there....
Sagarika- Maa


RamNarayanS said...

Lovely post. You will always be the mademoiselle to your parents. Even though memories are usually sepia-toned, as the realization comes usually late in life, there is nothing that can come to a parental closeness in the level of relationship and most importantly, no expectation in return.

Well put, Ma'am. And that song from Sagarika was beautiful.

Makes me wonder if girls share a completely different plane of relationship with their Moms as opposed to boys, and maybe I envy that. :)

gils said...

kaaaka kavitha kullara oru senti singari irukangannu prove paniteenga :) lovely post

TheUncanny said...


//Sagarika was beautiful.//
I last heard that song 12 years back..took a great deal to find it and post it here :D

TheUncanny said...

@ gils
kaaaka kavitha ah??

Bana Paramasivam,Kaja Kandasamy mathiri Kaaka kavitha ah?!! Kevalama iruku :P :P

chennaigirl said...

Super post. First child always occupies a different position altogether. Unga amma padicha rombavum sandoshapaduvaanga :). Blog padippangalo?

kanagu said...

nice post uncanny...

loved your wonderful relationship with your mom and dad... :) :) surely dad and daughters share a beautiful relationship..

Moms are always best.. they know what their kids need even without us telling it...

R-ambam said...

Happy Mothers day ..!
Thanks for the wishes.
I like that picture very much..

wonderful post !

TheUncanny said...

@ chennaigirl

My mom entering the bloggers' world would be like ravindra jadeja beating Muralidharan's record...hehe..anyways, thanks CG..


TheUncanny said...

@ Kanags!

Thanks dude!! :)

TheUncanny said...

@ R-ambam

Finally someone acknowledged my wishes..danks!!!
Eppadi irukel? long time no blogging!

pic courtesy google guru :)

K.Kiran said...

Sometimes I feel we take our Parents for granted,especially Mother.

Good post.

Have a nice weekend,