Sunday, September 6, 2009


2:30 am and sleeplessness is not a very combination.As it happened in many nights lately, i jerked my eyes open at 2:30 like one of those possesed girls in a horror flick.I hate it when i do that.Honestly,It scares the crap out of me.On an average night, i wud be tossing myself around the sheets gaping at the ceiling fan or sitting at the edge of the bed looking down at my toes wondering if i need a pedi.Well tonight i decided to peak a boo at this neglected blog of mine.

There was once a time, when i used to blog late into the night.Regular updates,trying all sorts of templates, adding every possible widget under the sun.Not that this place was thronged with bloggers.But i had a small audience to keep myself happy and wanting to update this space regularly.I still vividly remember, how insecure i felt about publishing any post.

I miss blogging, i miss writing my heart out, I miss the happy feel i get when i jus let my fingers run amok on the keyboard.Ive never really fancied writing that much until i started blogging.But for some reasons i cudnt come up with anything for the past couple of months or so.Or the crap i did write doesnt really count.I'm never really busy in doing things i love to do.Its my way of living.But going thro some jigsawed phase at the moment.Its like i've been blind folded for a while and then when the folds are finally taken off, and you feel that disturbing sun in your eyes.Stinging but your glad the folds are off. Difficult period to cope with for the past few weeks trying to compartmentalize all the things that had happened. And trying to figure out why it happened. Lots of questions went unanswered.Lots of tears went un dried. Well, at the end of the day,atleast I'm happy with what i have and didnt lose much! Atleast I’m happy the way I lead my life.

I draw inspiration from a lot of things around, the flowers that bloom without water on my terrace, the kids I play ball with, the kites that I gaze upon every Sunday afternoon, the occasional chat I have with strangers in local bus, forward SMSs from friends,the comments i get on my posts,marina beach,my books,my playlist ,my aunt, my friend,my sister.It is these things in life that I look forward and wont disappoint in cheering up my spirit.

Well,I love writing here and will continue to do so. My blog and me are here to stay!


Esther said...

Hey dudette... Am a frequent visitor to ur blogspot.. So keep posting :) Your blogs brings some laughter to everyone :)

TheUncanny said...

hey Esther,

Thanks!Glad i could spread some laughs around! Keep visiting!

Have a nice day!

Srivats said...

Thanks for coming to my blog :)
And you got a interesting site here, Yes sometimes nothing inspires us to write and sometimes the words jus flow out of fingers, it happens :)

Glad you are back on track! your post is very honest one! please keep writing, I shall come back for more !

TheUncanny said...

hey Srivats,

Thanks!..i did draw alot of inspiration from ur blog to come up with this post. :)

Have a nice day!