Monday, November 16, 2009

I have a habit.When boredom hits, I often find myself rummaging my bookshelf not for a Dan Brown, or a SS or a Robin Cook.But an English-dictionary,..Yes, I inherited the one which my dad had used.Its called the LIFCO dicionary.Most often I end up finding it and dusting off the filth from its tattered covers.

I neatly pull my study table comfortably close so that the enormous bundle of binded paper is right below my nose.Where to start, is always the most dificult decision to be made, But doesnt hog most of ur intelligence when your bored like me.,Its jus the matter of how many pages your thumb can flip in a bunch.The the page u land in the process is the letter u begin with.....And then, I go...reading from top to bottom,right to left...sometimes mouthing lengthy, foreign rooted words twice or thrice audibly to hear the sound it made. You might think its strange for someone to do something like this, and I might need to get-a-life...But trust me, it opened a whole new world of enlightenment for me...below are my takeaways of my weird habit.

1.First of all,I beleived I knew alot about the words of the world., but I now realise how far behind in the learning I am.Words are like people.You think you’ve figured out everyone u know. But the truth is everyone has their own definition which can surprise you when you learn abt them in the oddest of times.

2.Secondly, the most funniest, icky sounding words has the most sweetest definitions of all. Example: “Serendipity”, this is one of my favorite words in english.Phonetically, it rolls out of the tongue so easily, but this word has one of the sweetest definitions to go with.

3. Did you know the word “LOVE” is one of the words with most definitions in any english dictionary. Now you know.So, you think you figured out everything about “love”.Well, think again.

4. The more and more I dwell in my weirdo habit, the more I learn about how little I know and how much more is ought to be learnt in life. This actually reminds me from time to time to keep myself grounded. Not that I’m on cloud9 all the time. But it helps to realize that Life has to offer many more things.

Well, so long now. I’m off to read my dictionary. Do you think u have such weird habits? Let me know!!! :)


K.Kiran said...


I too have this habbit of randomly checking words and their meanings with Reader's Digest Dictionary :-)

Have a nice weekend,

TheUncanny said...

dude where's ur blog?

K.Kiran said...

Hmm seems I messed up with some settings.let me check.Thanks for notifying me :-)