Monday, December 7, 2009

Shi(f)t happens!

They say you’re whole life reels in front of your eyes moments before you die.This is not something like that, This is not anything like that.Not even tad closer to that, Its not that at all. But what would flash in front your eyes moments after you quit your job.A job you were almost wedded to for 3 odd years and held on to your dear life., even when its ex-chairman was playing chess in one Chanchalguda(that’s somewhere in AP) Central jail according to sources.I assume you would have guessed who I’m talking abt.
Its like this.. I quit my job last week.

It was a decision taken on impulse, though pondered upon and contemplated for so long, I can rightfully say it was planned.I'm a little disappointed that it took me almost half a year to let go.Now that’s a whole different can of worms.Lets not get into that now.

So, I was there at the reception of my office building doing all the closing formalities., like submitting my ID card et all., and with a glazed eye as my 3 years of worklife reeled in ultra slow mo in alternate black and white and sepia like a some age old movie with Illayaraja for BGM…

Reel 1: The image of the guy who walks around from the cafeteria to the sports room to the library to the pantry with his hands always in his pockets.Its a mystery to everyone in my ODC.I for one,invariably get reminded of a joke in one tamil movie. :)

Reel 2: The tragedy that befell Miss.Ju when she called me on the phone to tell that she got accidently locked from inside the loo and I went charging in to rescue her like some super girl only to realize I broke and barged in to the loo in the 2nd floor while Miss Ju was in the 3rd floor.There was a lot of heroine-like screaming that day in the ladies wash room.

Reel 3:When Mrs.M’s baby was due in a month’s time., andher water broke prematurely and she was adamant to go in an auto to the hospital than wait for a cab. It took us ages to talk her out of “delivering-the-baby-in-the-auto” idea. She was blessed with a baby boy that same night.

Reel 4: Project financial report presentation’s 5th slide had a beaming picture of my boss with all her jewels,adigai,odiyanam and all crap she and her ancestors ever owned. When the 5th slide was up in the huge screen, My boss was flushed to the dismay of 30 odd ppl in the conference room.Only 2 ppl knew how that picture got into the presentation, one, the author of this blog and Miss Ju.

Madam, Please hand over your ID card…..”, guffawed the almost inaudible security guy

"I already gave the odiyanam, errrmm…I mean the ID card.",I blurted coming back to my senses.

“You can keep the tag mam”, the security guy smirked.

“What am I to do with this, can’t even hang myself with this”, you have it as my Memorabilia.

And I walked out of the building singing “Rain drops falling on my head”,

Raindrops keep fallin' on my head

But that doesn't mean my eyes will soon be turnin' red

Cryin's not for me

'Cause I'm never gonna stop the rain by complainin'

Because I'm free

Nothin's worryin' me

As the hands-in-the-pocket guy went past me…. With his hands u know where………………….

I mean his pockets!!!!

So long…..Satyam!!


Carpe Diem said...

//I broke and barged in to the loo in the 2nd floor while Miss Ju was in the 3rd floor.There was a lot of heroine-like screaming that day in the ladies wash room

ROTFL :):)

Carpe Diem said...

Change is always good.. u might find something better than this

TheUncanny said...

Carpe Diem,

Thank you .Yep Change is good, in my case it was inevitable.. :)

Srivats said...

change is inevitable :) That was a light post from u :P I enjoyed the loo humour a lot

U know what I got myself locked into the toilet, whats with the toilet doors, lol

Thats a shame to what happened to a much honoured company. One of my friend here works for the same company and i dont think he would be quitting sometime soon.

Loved ur postive note, Believe me 2010 is going to be better for all of us! :P

gils said...

//I for one,invariably get reminded of a joke in one tamil movie.//

:D :D eeramaana rojavay movie?? tht chinni jayanth kaamedi?? :D :D superwoman sequence chaancla :D :D "uncanny" a "u kena" nu janitor thitinaro?? :D :D chaanceleenga..loved this post..tho its a sad one u've made it so humorous :)

gils said...

achuchooo...u understand tamil na?? hmmm after posting the comment realised :)

gils said...

LOL :D :D I've a similar "about me" in my blog :D :D

TheUncanny said...

@ Srivats,

//Believe me 2010 is going to be better for all of us!//

thats how I wanted to conclude this post in another version.Quite a coincidence you mentioned it...Yes.,I'm hoping dearly,2010 will be a better one.

//Thats a shame to what happened to a much honoured company//

Beleive me Srivats, I can write a book on what I saw and what happened to ppl at all levels associated with this iconic company.Its still a sinking ship.Though my reasons to quit had nothing to do with the company. :( :)

TheUncanny said...

@ gils

//eeramaana rojavay movie?? tht chinni jayanth kaamedi??//

Amaango!!! the same kaamedi sequence.. lol... ;)

TheUncanny said...

//I've a similar "about me" in my blog //

Yep, I noticed too...Gin soaked boy words...hehe..remba pudicha lyrics!

lakshmi said...

this is Shi(f)t happens- part 2!!! Ppl ill tell you Shi(f)t happens-part 1 (from college to work), that will be more hilarious...

Ana part1 or part2, whatever Kavi nee oru comedy piece nu nalla theriyuthu...

TheUncanny said...

Shi(f)t happens-part 1????

Sema Idea de...But it will be titled "Shift happens".. :D

We rocked in college la!!! \m/

TheUncanny said...

I miss college..I'm feeling so nostalgic.. :( :( :(
We were all so dreamy,floaty,broke and so tanned..But soo happy!!! hmmmm...[sigh]..U left me alone la in this shit company..I hate you!

K.Kiran said...


Sorry,once again the word Drama Queen comes to my mind.:-).How about enrolling yourself in or the way you put your thoughts into words deserves a praise.Ok,I guess this is the nth time I am saying :-)


TheUncanny said...

@ Kiran,

I totally underplayed the situation in tht post.And u call me a drama queen for that.What if I had to write the real picture. Its not rosy! trust me! Reality bites... :) :) :)

Anyways.Thanks for the links :)