Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A toothless judiciary system!!!!! S.H.A.M.E

He has to be castrated in public.
He will burn in hell.

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Two teenage girls, best friends and neighbours, watched television as Steffi Graf battled Monica Seles on August 12, 1990. Itching to imitate those serves and volleys, 14-year-old Ruchika Girhotra and Aradhana Parkash headed straight to the tennis court in their hometown Chandigarh.
It turned into a day that would scar them so badly, that one of them would be pushed to death.
During their game, they were summoned to the office of the President of the Haryana Lawn Tennis Federation. He was also one of Haryana's most-senior policemen. S P S Rathore asked Aradhana to leave his office. When she returned, he was molesting her best friend. He stopped when he realised he had been caught.
Ruchika's own mother had died when she was 11. She confided in Aradhana's family.
The Parkashes immediately adopted Ruchika's battle as their own; a battle that pitted them against a powerful policeman with hefty political connections. A police inquiry found Rahore guilty. Not surprisingly, his own force refused to take any action against him.
Men who followed them everywhere threatened the families. Ruchika found herself expelled from school three years later. Her brother was arrested for half a dozen car thefts. Overwhelmed by what her family was going through, Ruchika, now 17, killed herself by drinking poison. The cases against her brother were dropped after that. The Girhotras left Chandigarh.
Aradhana, however, vowed to fight for her friend. Her family won a CBI inquiry for the case in 2000.
But the charges against Rathore were a pale version of what Aradhana wanted. Instead of abetment of suicide amounting to murder, Rathore was accused of molestation.
The CBI said that because Ruchika had killed herself three years after the molestation, her death could not be linked to Rathore. Oddly enough, the CBI's own chargesheet contradicts that. It says, "The investigation has also disclosed that after the incident of molestation of Ms Ruchika remained confined to her house and remained depressed. Later, she committed suicide."
Through this, Rathore's career flourished. He retired as Haryana's most-senior policeman, the Director General of Police, in 2002.
Om Prakash Chautala, who was the chief minister during this time, denies that he sanctioned Rathore's promotions. Chautala told NDTV on Tuesday that his sympathies lie with Ruchika's family, and that he wishes the verdict against Rathore had been more severe.
That verdict has stumped everyone - six months awarded on Monday to a man found guilty of molesting a teenager. Rathore was granted bail immediately, so he will spend no time in prison. He says he will appeal against the verdict. His other comment: "It's a very old issue. Forget about it now."

courtesy: ndtv

He has to be castrated in public.
He will burn in hell.


gils said...

amen to tht..

K.Kiran said...

Buddy,we need to incorporate the kind of punishments that Middle East Countries follow.In this case cut his hands and let him live forever.


kanaguonline said...

yes.. toothless judiciary.. shameless babus and netas... :x

R-ambam said...

...truely disturbing and disturbingly true

Srivats said...

such a shame!

Srivats said...

hey i love ur new look and the coldplay song, rock on!

chennai girl said...

Its a shame that these people form the crux of the law and order.

Carpe Diem said...

when is the next post? :)

Chan said...

Very True...Such a shame! Hopefully such people would seriously burn in hell! There are thousands of Arushis, Ruchikas all over India. Hope they all get a better deal in life in their next birth at least.

Btw, first time in ur blog!

TheUncanny said...

@ gils

:( RIP

TheUncanny said...

@ Kiran

The case is going to reopened now..Lets see what the judiciary is gonna cut..

TheUncanny said...

@ kanaguonline

I beleive in instant karma. But our judiciary system can even change the laws of karma!!! pricks!!!

TheUncanny said...

@ R-ambam

Exactly..truely disturbing and disturbingly true

TheUncanny said...

@ chennai girl

The makers and the breakers!!! Arse****!!!

TheUncanny said...

@ chan

Its not abt next birth! Its now or never,hell is not what they will see after death..since the case is reopened now, lets keep our fingers crossed for Ruchika's family to find solace atleast in the verdict.

Thanks for visiting..keep coming... :)

TheUncanny said...

@ carpe Diem

Vandhutaen..vandhutaen! hehe
Joined new compnay now..Been running like mad for the past week or so..was dying to write so manythings but varthaigal varavillai :( end of year syndrome i guess...hehe...