Monday, February 25, 2008

Trappped being free

This is one piece (people call it a poem), I had written on 4-May-2007.Its not def the best of the poems I've done so far, But I have to do justice for this one for scores of reasons I dont want to mention

Mind blowing how accurate I remember the date,because that was the time when I was enlightened to the realities of the world.Moreso, I realised how impossible it is to reach for things that are not and worthy of being reachable.

The poem is incomplete though...Here goes...."TRAPPED"

Rain clouds swirl as I look to the skies,
Pertinently refelecting, the thoughts my in mind,
Hanging there, listening to my own silent cries.
Downheartedly, pursuing for answers to find.

From time to time,I see myself gaping at a boulevard,
Endless, naive pathway of my impending future.,
Begone are the days, when every reminiscence was held dear,
Pondering,now, I realize fate has played a game so unfair.

Waiting is a Trap, Unseen, imperceptible confinement.
There will always b reasons to wait,
Scores of reasons, to show the world
But, When hell breaks lose,reasons simply don’t count
You get grounded to reality.
Waiting is a trap indeed!!!!

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