Wednesday, March 26, 2008

A Déjà vu or ???

One of america’s commonly used phrase ‘Been there, done that’, is now one of my commonly used phrase.


Off late,some of the incidents that happen, in my day to day activities gives me a ‘Deja vu’..not always, but atleast most of the times.

Let me give u an example,
Once, at work when I was asked for a smallest piece of advise, I see myself echoing the same words of advise I ones shared with another friend of mine.Well, u mite think there’s nothing to complain about this…Yeah its true…no harm…

Okies, let me share another piece,
Years back,during the ‘Always on cloud9-college days’,I had met one of my best friends and we had shared some of the most,still cherished moments of my life.
Until, everything shattered, because one minuscule mistake of mine(Actually nobody is to blame)

Here, I am…In yet another strained relationship for the same reason, Yet another ‘Deju-Vu’ For all the wrong reasons!

‘Learn from your mistakes’, is this phrase really practical enough for an average human like me or its just a ‘Yap about it’ daily oneliner.
Let me admit it, ‘I never learn from my mistakes!!..Dammit!

Can we really learn from our mistake??
This has almost become a platitude, an accepted belief, “To learn from our mistakes”
But, if im gonna practice this long enough..I should have become very successful..Right?? Lets come to this point later

Let me give you a small theorem,

For a problem P, lets say the possible solutions are A and B,
‘A ‘ being the correct solution and ‘B’ the wrong one.
Given an average pea sized brain human like me, lets assume I chose ‘B’
But, seeing the consequences of picking the wrong option, If presented with the same problem P again, I would choose option ‘A’.Because…”I WOULD HAVE LEARNT FROM MY MISTAKE”
But, we all know…how theorems work…they are impractical..So is mine.

Life doesn’t always present you with just 2 options(as in the theorem) for any kind of problem.Its bound to be linked to an ‘n’ number of tangible and intangible solutions .And you’re chances of hitting the right solution is n-1…(imagine n to be the biggest number u can count upto).how kool is that??!!!

Hence, next hear the platitude ‘Learn from your mistakes’..Ask the dude to get a life!!!!!

Disclaimer : My sincere apologies, to everyone hurt due to my inabilities to learn from my mistakes. And my apologies again, for I have no plans to try doing the same.


rahul aggarwal said...

it's ok.....but don do it again.......don commit mistakes....this time i forgive u..........ha ha ha....lolz.... :)

sid said...

gr8 theorem:-p & infact great corollary too...and I agree with you, freaking theorems only look good in "theory". Even I always nail the wrong options:-p