Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Photoshop Express goes Live

The much awaited web version of the supremely invented Adobe’s photoshop is live and kicking.

Adobe released the beta version of web-Photoshop christened as the “PHOTOSHOP EXPRESS” this 27th of March following suite of very many other tools, that’s going web enabled of late.Don not be stirred with the many glitches u may come across while using photoshop express, coz in its early beta days! But be warned, this express is only for some minor photo editing and touchups.

All newbies, can register for a free membership which provides privileges like, 2GB storage and photoSharing apart from what it is intended to do, which is photoediting.

For my part, I logged into Photoshop express’s official site.
It had pretty impressive UI.It had the famed liquid, fade navigation. The home page is worth taking a look around.I spent sometime just running my mouse along the many clusters of pictures, which zooms open when dragged upon.Intriguing collection of images I shud say!

Created an account for myself, just to check out the functionalities. I should say, I wasn’t too impressed at all.It took almost one whole day, for my confirmation email to reach my mail box.After 24 hours, I logged in, another sin committed was to click on ‘upload photos’ it took an eternity to for the page to be processed.After endless waiting and ‘staring at the top of the screen’ moments, I was able to connect to my picasa web album and was able to open a pic for editing.

Now, comes the crunch part, the editing functionalities is nothing like I imagined it to be.Its not even close.I dunno, if I was over expecting coz its adobe photoshop we are talking about.

No offence, I love adobe photoshop and all the developer guys @ adobe.But seriously I guess you guys can try a little more.I anticipated a little more I guess.
But nevertheless, Adobe rocks!..and I will keep rocking with my own adobe CS3 extended.

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