Saturday, October 25, 2008

The fortress is breached again!!

My post maybe a little late to arrive…But, how many times do u get to read the below line

Indians destroy the Australians”


They did it in Perth earlier this year, in one of the most controversial test series ever. And now in our own backyard at Mohali sans the controversies. What makes this match so special is that,It wasn’t anything like a typical nail biting test match, where fortune would swing from one team to another ,But the Indians dominated the aussies all the way, in all 5 days during all sessions. This is the first time in the history of modern day test cricket that our Indian pace attack had an edge over the Australian pace in the likes of Brett lee and Mitchel Johnson .The victory sent  the aussie media scrampling and pleaing for the legendary Shane Warne to give up retirement. Well, according to me, this is our real victory.

Below are some of the my take aways, from the test match…

1.Ricky Pointing still wants to be Ishant Sharma’s Bunny.

2.Mat Hayden, who’s known to sweep better than our Indian women is having an abysmal series.

3.The rookie  5-wicket hauler on debut -Amit Mishra has put Kumble’s position in the team in a hot spot. It will be interesting to see, who will replace who is the next match

4.Our own Bhajji surprisingly couldn’t come up with any mediocre sledge terms like “monkey or donkey this time ”. But look who’s joined the club, Its our gentleman “Zaheer”…

5.Never  the least, the demi god of cricket Sachin Tendulkar  surpassed Laras’ 11953 runs which must have come in the srilankan series itself.

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