Thursday, October 9, 2008

Tuesday 3:16 PM An IT Park in Chennai

"Fear not, for I am with you ", a photo frame with those words stands on the cubicle desk

Ironical as it seem, I just got kicked out from my earlier workstation which is to be used for some project related work in the future..

"dah!,Im here for a project", I said

"You have been allocated a new workstation, in the next block. So Kindly take a backup of your data and shift", says a person not worth mentioning in my blog.

Little did i know that, I was being ceremoniously kicked out. I packed my stuffs and started my lonely walk to the next block for what it felt like an eternity. Emotions running loose,I could feel my eyes burning. My throat went dry. I knew whatever was happening, I least deserved it of all the people .I began to wonder if there's anything "fair" about this.

"Excuse me" said a voice behind me.

I just wanted to retaliate back, Yes!Thats how Im addressed these days. First name "Excuse", surname "me".Damn you IT buggers!..Has anyone ever heard of etiquettes?"You will all burn in hell and today is your lucky day",I thought to myself and silently paved way to the gentleman to walk through.

I reached, the so called "next block", It was cold, dark and dank, a few sleepy eyes turned their gaze on me as i walked down the aisle.
075,076,077,078...079....And there it was, my new cubicle "079".The oversized CPU was lying on its side.,Papers of all sorts was in a filthy pile on the desk. The monitor LED blinked boringly. The mouse was hanging off the table, as if it read my thoughts and committed suicide. An half filled, and half crushed plastic water bottle sinfully rolled on its side, like an overturned filmfare award twisted and bent. The scene was lifeless and messy, apparently the previous occupant took less liking to the act of cleaning. I pushed the paper explosion to one side of the desk, and deposited my bag and pulled a chair and sat. I took to cleaning the desk myself cursing the guy who previous owned the cube and gathered up a handful of the strewn paper bits.I spotted the dust bin just below the desk,when I realized that there was something dark and damp in the depths of the bin., puked in from the looks of it…I cudnt even imagine and I didn’t even wanted to imagine as to what might be in it. I sat up straight, throwing the paper back onto the desk. I was disgusted beyond words, angry,irritated,tired and worthless about my current state of affairs .My career was going for a toss . I felt myself boiling to a breaking point. I stared and stared at the dormant monitor.Just saw myself staring back at me.And then, I read those words

" Fear not, for I am with you "
-Is 41:10

A photo frame with those words stands on the cubicle desk just behind the monitor. It added a smile to my face for the first time today. I felt something, that I needed at that time- An Assurance!!!!

I suddenly felt grateful for my cube ex-occupant.


rahul aggarwal said...

hey frst line of ur post...uve mentioned the very famous ratio 3:16....god bless u....
gimme a "hell yeah" for 3:16....

btw, ur blg was really good kavitha...and i enjoyed th way uve expressed th coarse of th day in a IT industry...well its almost th same everywhere....nicely written....

i liked the statement "The mouse was hanging off the table, as if it read my thoughts and committed suicide"

Kavitha Mahalingam said...

@ Rahul,

Thx buddy!..didnt know abt the famous raio "3:16", all i know its that time of the day u feel like shit abt urself... hehe