Sunday, December 7, 2008

Sweet November

The park is deserted. Halfway through, Nelson catchesher. They both gasp for air.

Try and understand. I need to do this.

It just doesn't seem...

Just like I need to know you'll go on and have the beautiful life you deserve. I want you to fall in
love again someday, be a husband,have a family.

I only want you.

You have me forever. Now let me go.

I can't believe you've even got me considering this.
(long pause)
This is truly what you want.

Yes. It is.

Alright, Sara, alright.

Sara stands on her tiptoes and whispers in his ear.
I love you, Nelson Moss.
-------------------------------------(THE END)--------------------------------------------

These are the final moments before  nelson and sara part ways in the climax of the movie “Sweet November.” A truly moving piece of performance by Charlize Theron who plays Sara, and equally insipid performance by our Matrix star, Keanu Reaves in the character Nelson Moss.

Each month free-spirited Sara Deever starts a new relationship. Her task is to take a month to make one man become a better person, and then she moves on. When November rolls around and Sara targets the busy tycoon, Nelson Moss, she does not plan on falling in love. But they do, and as a result, Nelson learns the painful secret behind the brevity of Sara's romances.

One of the items that topped my to-do list for the month of november for 3 whole weeks straight, was to lay my hands on a DVD of the movie “Sweet November”. And when I finally did, I was more than a fan, for a 2mins strip of BGM(Enya’s,Only Time) that plays in this 1 hr 59mins muvi  more than the muvi itself.Totally fell in love with that song.
My recommendation, would be to lend a ear to this masterpiece of a BGM, Enya's-Only time even if you cant watch the movie.


rahul aggarwal said...

enya enya enya!!!

the praise for the song from u is echoing more in my ears then the song itself...come on get over it...and get out of it...

Bingo!! said...

i am totallly in love with the movie.. damn gr8 performance by the leads... i kinda even like the opposite door kid...

Enya ... ufff.. damn good..

Kavitha said...


I was thinking, i dint do justice to the post by not mentioning enuf abt enya!!!! grrrr............

@ Archana

yeah, nice flick!..but somehow, didnt like keanu reaves acting..lacked alot of emotions! :(
But, loved sara's character!!!