Saturday, December 20, 2008


One of the greatest inventions of mankind, according to me are the Strings.Yes Strings!!!!

And the next best thing that used the Strings to create magic were the guitars. Its pure magic how somethings as insignificant as tiny strands  when plucked in a semi-holo wooden case can produce vibes that can drive the world crazy……And yes, I went crazy yet another time, when I saw Surya play “Yen inniya pon nilave” in varanam aayiram. I’m not sure if it was the guitar or the song or Illaiyaraja,…….. that was the historic second , I decided I would marry a Guitarist and else a “Guitarded” one like me...hehe

So, ppl here you go… “Yen Inniya pon nilave”…….Checkout the chords in this one….


Bingo!! said...

surya in varanam ayirum.... i definitely wudnt mind marryin with or without the guitar ;D

Kavitha said...

sorry, already taken!!!!