Saturday, August 22, 2009

Sisterhood rocks!

My mom called us Aliens!The neighbours called us DEVILS

Both of us reckon, each other was picked up from the road trash on a misty morning 24 years and 22 years ago respectively

We've never called ourselves "sisters" in public.Not that we did privately too.We only spoke to curse eachother and say the meanest things.And we did a lot of talking that way.We fought,We rehearsed for the Women WWE.We patched.We laughed and giggled in places we shouldnt and about things no one understood.We shared clothes, wardrobes,debit cards and the bed.TV remote was one of the sought after things before any bloody fight.There's even been a time when we took an arugument to the street(my neighbours got a glipmse of hell breaking lose).We always cursed eachother in english.,my folks wud have disinherited us if they knew'd the words we used against eachother.As far as my memory cud take, there's never been a single instance when we have returned home in peace after a shopping spree.Unlike other siblings, we never cried in each other's presence nor shared boy stories.Yet through it all, the coldness will eventually thaw and melt away and we're right back to where we've left it, that is, like nothing has ever been missing...

Yet, during our parting we became muted to eachother.I cud feel her silently weeping as i had my fone pressed to my right ear.She was pulling a good act, trying to hide the fact but not good enough for me.

"Hey,guess wat, I got the aisle seat", she said as soon as she boarded the plane..I knew she was jus saying that trying to break the awkward silence.

"Congratulations, so, ur hair wont get messed up!!! hehe"

That was the first time, i failed to repartee with sarcasm.Somehow i cudnt take the mickey out of her at that moment.As i felt my eyes burn and my lips trembled.
Oh gosh!..I cannot cry in front of my little sister.Not now! not ever!..

"Ok de, U take care!...gimme a call when u hit singapore", I told her and hung up abruptly..My voice was a clear give away.It came out all harsh and aritificial.It was as if i was having a head cold.

Where is the restroom when u need one in the airport.My tissue was sogged by the time i found and left the loo 15 minutes later.And then, My mobile beeped with the familiar nokia new message polyphonic tune.

"I'll miss ya sis" ur the best!!!!!!!!, it said...

Now,Where was the restroom again...........