Saturday, September 12, 2009

Appy birrrrrrrthday lachumi.....

She's the blackness of the eye
She's the epitome of all the joy
She's the profanity of my sanity
She's the humbleness of all my vanity
She's the truth in every myth
She's the myth in every truth
She's the rain inside an umbrella
She's Hari's own cindrella ;)
She's the glare of the unshined diamond
She's the softness of the hard almond
And lux, and thats who u are! my friend!
Happy birthday babe!


Srivats said...

Thats a lovely wish - a rain inside the umberalla :)

I have no idea who she is, but she seems very special, My wishes to her as well :)

lakshmi said...

Hey Kavi,

Uve made my day d... this bday is the most unforgettable bday ive ever had until now and am not sure abt the future too. Very emotional one.

This wish makes be feel blessed that i have such a wonderful friend.

TheUncanny said...

hey Srivats!

Yep, she's a special frd of mine.
Had a blast on her bday...
Thanks!.. :)

TheUncanny said...

lux, glad ur happy! keep smiling!
and btw, rain inside an umbrella is not kudai kul mazhai, I came up with that ;) keep rocking gal!