Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Priceless Feeling!

Its not abt winning or losing
Its not abt hangin on or letting it go
Its not abt loving enuf or loving more
Its not abt the missing or the company
Its not abt the sweet nothings or manythings

Someday, I'm finally gonna let go
Cause i know there's a better way
And i wanna know wats over that rainbow
I'm gonna get out of here someday, someday!


Srivats said...

haha :) funny one , I love the picture of the girl , its apt to the vibe of this post :)
Wishing you all the best and all the things over the rainbow :)

TheUncanny said...

hey srivats!

hehe, i loved the pic too,imagine that gal in the pic, saying surya's dialogue..hahahoho...

Jokes apart,a pic speaks a thousands words.And thats exactly how i feel!
Thanks for ur wishes srivats!

Srivats said...

haha that must be really funny :)
I personally liked surya in that characterisation, plus trisha appeared so cute, esp in that scene when surya wants to talk to her, she say " oh pesalamey "
Appo vizundhavan dhan hehe :) although the voice must be from the dubbing artist savith , it sounded so dammn cute in her acting.

Oh you are totally welcome :)

by the way thanks for following my bookshelf :) but I hardly write there

I post mostly in stavirs007.blogspot.com , have a look when time permits :)

p,s: your profile picture makes me remember corrs main singer andrea

TheUncanny said...

u sound like a bigtime trisha fan :P
But,i agree she looked cute in the earlier days of her career.,But sema muvi...makes alot of sense now to me!!! My personal best is tht scene where he's brought by his frd to take away the bride but inturn convinces the bride to marry the guy her father had arrnaged....it was a comical scene in a way, but the agony of the father's character was well portrayed...

Thanks Srivats, will chk ur other blog as well....

Abt andrea, well, for a moment i thought u said "i" look like andrea and i was flying...then i realised its the profile pic...[sigh :(] hehe.......