Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Monday 6th Apr 09

PRELUDE:Monday blues, not just blue…but all shades of blue, sky blue,demin blue, ujala blue..

Another boring week was in the making, nothing has changed for the better.Wakeup, brush, watch F.R.I.E.N.D.S,raid wardrobe, kick bike,drive, curse a few ppl, read horoscope, sleep in meetings, come home. Its been monotonously boring like this. Nothing has changed. Not even the ways I get bored.

It was yet another blue Monday . I was driving to work down the kotturpuram road, with a glazed eye and linkin park blaring in my ears.While I drive, these are the rules: I see nothing,-I hear nothing - I speak nothing(except a few swear words). My bike has a mind of its own having realized that the owner doesn’t , it works and drives on its own accord.Jumps at respective signals , overtakes in respective places, honks at respective vehicles. Until oneday, I realized my bike also adjusts its rear view mirror to see objects behind it better. Note the point: OBJECTS as in tall, husky things driving sport bikes. And so my bike did what it does best when it sees these objects. IT STOPPED… and That’s when I saw him.

(did I forget to mention, the object of this post is a BOY.Yes, a boy, a man, a guy, a dude whatever)

30kmphr . Not more than that, was the speed he was driving in.I was atleast 20 feet ahead of him. Trying to catch a quick glimpse of this magnificent creation of god ...hehe, I quickly wiped some non existent filth off my right rear view mirror with my bare hands.During this time, he zoomed past me with an incredible amount of engine sound (despite, Linkin park still blaring in my fones). I needed to catch up.I left my right hand to do the wiping of my mirror and left hand raced the accelerator by almost 360 degress and before I knew it, I zoomed past him and there he was again in the focus my mirror. I smiled to my self ever so proudly of my driving skills. I saw him coming closer just behind me, 15 feet, 10 feet, 8, 7,6,5,4….

What the hell was that??? Holy crap, he was wearing one of those helmet, tat makes u look like your returning to earth after a space mission. The one which has the fully covered face mask kinda thing.All Black! Y would anyone want to hide a face like his,it was injustice to weak hearted girls like me. And in seconds, he went past me again. All I saw was his white funny skeleton sticker at the back on his black helmet. Phew L!!!!

Neverthless the chase was not over, “Here I come helmet boy” and raced my accelerator and snaked my way through the traffic clogged road closely keeping an eye for him. It wasn’t really easy to lose him with all the morning traffic and all that. Thanks to his nosiy BULLET thing he was driving., his machine was a head turner.

I don’t last remember the time, I was involved in a high speed chase like this (Having chased by traffic constables at nandanam signal many times, but that’s a different issue all together). In the Next 5-7 minutes I had pushed my bike to its breaking point not to mention my skills as a driver. I was confident, I will somehow catch up with him and get a glimpse of his face or whatever!!!

Vroooom, Vroom….was all I heard!!! Constantly keeping in sight, there he was just 30 feet ahead of me.

And that’s when I saw, we were approaching a signal at madhaya kailash, It was green and counting down from 10 seconds…10,9,8,7,6,5,4…..

My pea-sized brain,quickly tried to figure all parameters together…,

Velocity=distance/time taken

=approx(30meters)/8 secs à 353435.3454 (huh???)…I should be driving a rocket or travelling at the speed of light to cross the signal before it turns red (I know, I suck in physics!!!!)

That’s when I realized, he already went past the signal, and I was stuck for the next 120 secs behind the stop line as the LED counter started ticking down. So, much for my high speed chasing, So much for all the overtaking, speeding,So much for my dream man!!! I saw the white skeleton sticker growing smaller in size and he gained more distance from me. And he was gone in no time……………

I looked up to the skies and asked “Y god Y?????? “ why are u doing this to me???..There was no voice to answer as its always been. Life was always been this hard and painful!...Dont I deserve a small teeny tiny ray of hope. Again “why god why????? “..And Golly…I was back to my monotonous boring days!!!!

I waited for the next 2mins, pondering about all the ill luck I’ve had in life. Green light was back on, and I slowly accelerated and proceeded my ever boresome commute to my office. It was a hot dry day clearly opposite to how gloomy and cold I was feeling.All feelings of loneliness, insecurity , hopelessness came rushing back…..Anyways Life like that!!!!

Just when I was about to take the detour to my workplace.I saw the white skeleton again. I did a double take. The bike was parked at the roadside and the black helmet was on the seat. And there he was standing next to his bike, with a smile on his face looking in my direction.

Oh my God!!!! I frantically looked around to see, if he was really looking at me, or someone behind my shoulders as it has always turns out to be in numerous occasions. There was not a soul in the vicinity. He then causually raised his hand and waved and said a soft “Hi”. He looked like ones of those shirtless blokes in “Old Spice” ads.

I was literraly gaping at him and in no time, I raced my bike and took the detour and went the usual road to my office without a glance or thought of him. I dunno y I did that but …Basic girl Insticncts I guess!

6-foot frame, half shaved, rugged jeans and a black roudneck t-shirt…and a silly smile on his face looking at ME.What more can I ask for?!?!?!...I can stay single for the rest of my life for precious moments like these. I hummed “Its raining Men” all the way to work. That particular Monday was no longer blue!! :) :)

NOTE: This was an unpublished post for a long time for reasons that I don't give a damn anymore!


lakshmi said...

hey loosu...

road orama tea kudikravanuka ivlo buildup... Naa ennamo nee climax la madhavan thaan parthae nu solla poriyo nu nenaichaen.


TheUncanny said...

Thanks for the thuppings!
edho enala mudinjidhu!!!! unga level mathiri varuma?!?!?!

K.Kiran said...


10 out of 10 to this post.Buddy,the way you put your thoughts into words,the voccabulary,,the funny side of your post and everyother thing,do deserve a praise.

Btw,I guess I would have already said the above in my previous comments.

Have a nice weekend,

TheUncanny said...

hey Kiran,

thanks for the 10/10! :)
Keep coming back! but i doubt if i'll come up with another post like this..hehe

gils said...

//road orama tea kudikravanuka ivlo buildup... Naa ennamo nee climax la madhavan thaan parthae nu solla poriyo nu nenaichaen.//


u 2 FRIENDS fan :))soooper :) nice writeup and flow...ekkachakama paatu kepenga pola :)

TheUncanny said...

@ gils

romba nanri!!!
yes, me too FRIENDS fan!
athu enna "gils"?? unga perae gils-ah?

Deepika said...


Lachu gave me the link n i was kinda really bored to death so i thought i ll read through... This is wonderful blogging! i loved every minute o reading this!!! somehow your NOTE touched my heart more :-)


P.S. analum ne andha payyanuku oru badhul "hi" solli irukalam... ;-)

TheUncanny said...

hey deeps!!

How u doin!..thanks for dropping by!
Keep visiting.. :)

Happy deepavali to you...

R-ambam said...

I like this post .. :)
a lot !

TheUncanny said...

thanks R-amban!!
most of d time, somehting written outta frustration turns out to be good..