Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Spoken poem- A Thousand kisses deep

The words of this masterpiece of a poem reverberates in my head 72 hours after i heard it for the first time.

maybe I had miles to drive,
And promises to keep:
You ditch it all to stay alive,
A Thousand Kisses Deep.

And sometimes when the night is slow,
The wretched and the meek,
We gather up our hearts and go,
A Thousand Kisses Deep


Srivats said...

waaa simple yet powerful - A Thousand Kisses Deep ! watching the video too :) its lovely!

TheUncanny said...

yeah srivats!
the words are so powerful, becoz its so very truthful..and can be related to oneself..

K.Kiran said...


Well,my comments are no way related to the post.But,somehow I feel you should have done a degree in English Literature rather than Software Eng.

Btw,which School did you go to ?

Have a nice weekend,

TheUncanny said...

hey Kiran!!
All i know is, im stuck in s/w engg..
caought in the wrong job..hehe..

Happy deepavali to you!