Sunday, October 25, 2009

Daddy, I'm on pill

Wrapped in my sheets,I lay on the bed
In a druken haze, eagle spread
I smell the sodium bulb faintly dim
Inch by inch the delight of goin limb.
Prescription drugs for every ill.,
I dare not say "Daddy, I'm on pill".

Coughed myself to wake in sobreity
Maybe I was dreaming in my dream again
All conscienceness of my yesteryears at bay
Grooved around the bedside table for them.
Like a rattle to a child.,I found mine
Milky white container,with a perforated cap
gulped one and washed it down with coffee.
felt the first pang of relief from the drill
but, I dare not say "Daddy I'm on pill".

Oh yes,I've read all the literature
Leaves liver,lung and all in a fixture.
Mushy masses of carcasses in the end.
Is'nt life more than that? u may defend.,
The question is :Happiness or Pain
MY happiness i choose.
Coz,this is my life i immensely disdain.
And here i pop another one still.,
but,I dare not say "Daddy I'm on pill".

This piece was inspired from a 2- week stand I went through on high dose drugs, prescribed for a week by my practitioner, extended for another 2 weeks by myself. Anything that can heal your pain, can never be harmful.I slept in peace for the first time in months.For the remainder of the time when I wasnt sleeping.,my vision was like the woman in that picture. :-) It was eternal bliss.

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