Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Botography makes Uncanny very happy!

Beach+A best friend+Nikkon 3000D = A beaming Uncanny!!!

Finally, after days of planning and many overslept mornings, me and my friend made it to the thiruvanmiyur pebbles beach to take shots of the early morning sunrise. But we went a tad late just in time for the sun to settle right over our head. And to add fuel to fire, the day was ever so gloomy.so whatever was clicked that day was all grey and black. Out of the 200 odd shots clicked etho therunathu ithu thaan,...

RaMmm : its not as good as your beach shots, but tried something.... ;) ennala mudinjathu....

And on popular demand, Mr. Crow or miss i dunno.....We did click few crow pics that day...funny that gils asked!!


chennaigirl said...

Enna oru thannadakkam ungalukku. Reallyyyyyyy the photographs are beautiful, its like some posters which they hang at doctors place ;)
Jokes apart, its really good.
Posing yaaru,by the way?
And heart break... ????!!!

RamMmm said...

Hee Hee Hee. Smiling at chennaigirl's smiley comment.

The photos bring the mood out well and the captions are really, really beautiful. I loved the fonts too. Photoshop? Probably you could have started when the sun wasn't yet fully out, and contrast with a smaller aperture (larger f-stop) for 'towards the sun' shots to avoid very bright exposure.

200 shots!!! that's the thing about technology with digital cameras. You can experiment as much as you can unlike the films where you cannot afford to. innum 4 or 5 photosaavadhu podunga.

Were your photos taken in raw format or native JPEGs? Did you play around with the aperture, ISO settings to get different moods?

I am a random, impulsive photographer. Maybe the situation was right when I took those beachers. So, don't compare with me. What I see comes rarely as it is in the photos. :)

@chennaigirl-Adhu TheUncannyae thaan. :-)

gils said...

!!!nejamaavy neenga sutatha??!!! i thot u had dloaded some pics!! uncanny...kalakrel pongo..ungalukulla oru mainframe sriramay irupar polarukay :D :D

gils said...

btw...no kaaka still :( so sad

lakshmi said...

she is a crazy fotographer i shud say.... during our college days we suffered like hell(mathi mathi nanga naalu frnds thaan models ivalku)... last day of our college i had nearly 10 CDs full of fotos(athuvum suthi suthi college matumae)... u wont beleive loo layae oru CD fulla fotos... i still remember those crazy moments where she wud make us stand in front of a kanji-pona-maram under hot sun n take 30 snaps! Me the escape now!

Carpe Diem said...

hey nice ones..first pic a naan net la irunthu sutathu nu ninaichen...

TheUncanny said...

@ CG,
// its like some posters which they hang at doctors place ;)//

hehe...tats a lovely compliment.. ;)

//Posing yaaru,by the way?//

Posing by a top model in the city. ;)

TheUncanny said...

@ RamMmmm,

Danks Danks!! Yes..All the post production editing was done in photoshop.

//Probably you could have started when the sun wasn't yet fully out, and contrast with a smaller aperture//

That was the problem, at 9am the sun was scorching hot, almost over our heads..We did experiment alot with the exposure.,need to do our homework before we hit the beach again..

//@chennaigirl-Adhu TheUncannyae thaan. :-)//

haha...kalakiteenga RamMmm..

TheUncanny said...

@ gils..

velgum to chennai!!! ;)

@ Laks,

//mathi mathi nanga naalu frnds thaan models ivalku//

esume, romba nenapu thaan unnaku.

TheUncanny said...

@ Carpe Diem

Vaanga vaanga! nalamdhana?

//first pic a naan net la irunthu sutathu//

hehe..ah welll...ummm its the me!! ;)

chennaigirl said...

heyyy ennoda "quote" ellam kaakka padathu mela pottu oru VIP status kuduthiteenga.. thanku thanku
Bt nalaikku kaakka sandaikku varaama paarthukonga
P.S - pls odane enna quotes kettu ellam disturb panna koodaathu, watever it is contact PRO theuncanny.

RamMmm said...

TheUncanny, Do you have a Flickr or a Picasa stream where you upload? Let us know. Never knew that you were "so" crazy on photography (thanks lakshmi for the flashback)

And the kaaka padam is superb, and the attribution, ha ha ha. ungalai andha kaaka, kaakha kaakha (உங்களை அந்த காக்கா காக்க காக்க)

gils said...

kalakiteenga :D :D kaakaa na udanay taantaan nu foto vanthiruchi D: :D

lakshmi said...

college days la enga prananai vanginae... ipo kaakava... un fotos ku evlo kaaka bali aga poratho!!!!

ppl, dont get suprised if kaaka becomes extinct... sole reason uncanny thaan...

R-ambam said...

Botos laam super ! ivlo costly camera ... avlo craze aa botography la... ? hm..interesting.

'm posting this comment after hitting your page some 50 times literally , getting redirected to different pages with the speed of light :O hence the delay :)

//And on popular demand, Mr. Crow or miss i dunno.....We did click few crow pics that day...//
I dont see an end to your Kaaka chronicles ;) thats a fantastic shot.. Kadalora kavithaigal mathiri kadalora kaakaaigal nu ethaavathu padam edukrathaa idea vo?

R-ambam said...


Learn one tanglish word a day !

gils said...

LOL..kadalora kaakaigal..kaakkai kronikals :D :D chaancela :D :D ultimate :D :D

TheUncanny said...

@ chennaigirl

My pleasure, as i said, kaka kaatlae mazhai!!!..

TheUncanny said...

@ RaMmmm...

I used to have a flickr account..Dunno if its even active now...its been almost over a six months since i laid my hands on a cam.Need to revive things in life..will start a photoblog soon..will keep u posted..ennakul thoongitu iruntha singatha thati ezhupiteenga!!!..[roarr]

TheUncanny said...

@ gils

Namalukum crow-kum some mystery conection!!!

TheUncanny said...

@ lakshmi

nee innum uyiroda thaane iruke!!.. :P

TheUncanny said...


//'m posting this comment after hitting your page some 50 times literally //

Oh finally,I was having the same problem at work,thot some bug in my browser in my office system. Anyways,I guess it was due to some gadget on my blog which was redirecting to some other sites.I've removed those widgets now, hope it doesnt happen again.

//I dont see an end to your Kaaka chronicles ;) //

Kaaka Kronicles...rofl!!!!

BTW, will be glad to teach u more tanglish words...hehe

kanaguonline said...

photos ellam super ah irukkunga :) :)