Sunday, May 30, 2010


Mornings have never been easy.,especially when you wake up with a headache from a very real-to-life nightmare only to realise it wasnt a nightmare but a blast from your own past. As hard and painful it was to live it once,what has one done to deserve a replay of the same.Worst of all is when one has forgotten all the bureaucracies of life,work and all that is in between and your eyelid droops, you start counting those lambs ,slowly falling into oblivion and then the movie begins like a stalker pouncing on his vitim.You toss and turn in your sheets,squeel a soundless cry,reach for that something/someone that is unreachable,you fall a thousand feet through the air into the darkness unto the land of the never-to-return,your heart's pounding and racing,until when you jerk yourself up to realise just moments before your lamb count was just 17.You feel like you lived through that nightmare a hundred years.Like water slipping through fingers, the gory details slowly slip away with time and you realise everything is unreal.,the squeel,the fall,the pain,the faces,the pounding...It was all UNREAL

Except that tiny,single lonely tear at the corner of your so REAL.



gils said...

ithuku thaan night sarakadichitu padukapdaathu solrathu :)

R-ambam said...

intha horror a vida .. FX la oru e********* padathai paarthein.. athu romba kodumai .. :(

theres this spine chilling thrill as the suspense builds .. and the suspense builds and builds ...

In the end, the culprit is the one who suspects everybody around...

how new ?????? * Yawn *

like split personality is some kinda epidemic..

well ,ur dreams make more sense .

chennaigirl said...

Seri ithu dream ah illa just unga fictional post ah? Blog pakkam vanthu one week aanathulla ellame blurred ah theriyarthu, onnumw puriyala :(

kanagu said...

Enna solreenga? Onnum puriyalaye...

TheUncanny said...

@ All

Freeya vidunga boss!!
Appo appo ippidi ennake puriyama oru post ezhuthuvaen..manichikonga!!

@ R-ambam

Bayangra thigil padama irukum pola!!
I no understanding the name itself!!!

lakshmi said...

actually nee enna solla varae... onum puriyala

K.Kiran said... I say.

Buddy,your vocabulary is damn good.Btw do I say it quite often ?.


RamMmm said...

Angst fusion of a relived dream with past reality?

I cannot say anything, other than [Cheer up] which you would have, by now. The post looks like a personal vent-out to me.

Maria Mcclain said...

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