Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Lensoholic - 1


R-ambam said...

sooberu !
epdi ithellaam ..? engeyo .................poyiteenga!

RamMmm said...

Wah Wah Wah. Kelappureenga!!! Padamum superu, ulla irukkura captionum superu.

The Canon is working wonders through your eyes...

Love to see more of these. Nice work, Kavitha.

TheUncanny said...

@ R-ambam

athuva varuthu...hehe!!!

@ Ram

Thanku,thanku...waiting to explore more places arnd chennai..bored of the beach :(

chennaigirl said...

Chance eh illa!!!! Beautiful photographs - Eppadinga correct ah antha paiyaana click pannenga. Awesome.
The other one is also good (avanga parents onnum sollala)

K.Kiran said...

After seeing such pics I too get inclined towards photography...but spending thousand of bucks on a Camera....well,I prefer to go Express Avenue and get myself pampered with Nike or Puma :-)


Anonymous said...

Super pics Uncanny :) :)

Phew... seekram camera vanganum... :| :|

TheUncanny said...

@ CG

Danks CG!

//avanga parents onnum sollala//

when I wanna photograph kids, I do this non verbal communication with their parents who are mostly around.I just smile at them,if i get one back..Its an acknowledgement kinda thing..that I can go ahead...Most often, or always the parents are willing to let their kids be photographed by strangers. :)
Im not complaining!!! hehe..chennaites are friendly..u know!!

TheUncanny said...

@ Kiran

//After seeing such pics I too get inclined towards photography//

Uncanny happy!!

//I prefer to go Express Avenue//

Uncanny SAD!!

Spending thousands on shoes!!! Vs Spending thousands on a camera--- debatable!!!

TheUncanny said...

@ kanags

//seekram camera vanganum... :| :|//

Ponga boss.Ippidiyae sollitu irunga!!!!