Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thank God for the internet

Oh, That’s wat they called it?!?!?!?! bummer!!!

I was in class 4, when I had my first attack.

I started seeing colorful rings rippling out wherever I saw. Anywhere I look beautiful concentric rings just drifting away like a dream., The more I looked at them, the more colorless they seemed. Yet beautiful. I started smelling metal in the vicinity. I wasn’t sure if i was smelling them or if i had coins in my mouth. Something pungent and metallic. Soon my vision went blurred.

Everything went white. Like the TV static you get when the power goes off,except it was all white static or simple put "I went blind”. I was seeing what its like to be blind.

The vien in my forehead popped up so much,I looked like Harry Potter. I started to feel extremely nauseous. Its during this time I prayed so dearly to be in the restroom more than any other place on earth. And then it began, the headache. Pain so much I just wish God had created me without a head.
I was barely 7 at tat time and it scared the heck out of me. I was blind for half an hour and had no idea why not to mention the excruciating pain.

Since doctors aren't usually accessible on a moments notice, and I honestly wasn't sure how to describe what had happened at that time.

Years later after the internet happened, I read a zillion web pages and found a name for what I'd experienced: "Oh, OK: I had a MIGRAINE!!!

Which hardly made it all better, but quite a lot less scary. I hadn't had a stroke, a brain tumor or whatever, and wasn't going to die, or at least not yet. And, Google says, "Between sixteen and eighteen million people suffer from migraines" and this is a known problem that many people live with, apparently successfully. There's some measure of comfort in that.

Thank God for the internet.


gils said...

??ungaluku thalaivalikuthungarathu intha postoda themea?? ila migrainena ennanu kandupudichiteengangratha? ila net connection work aaguthunna?? selvaragavan movie pola postirukeenga :D

K.Kiran said...

More than your post,I liked the way Gils had put the fact frankly.

Appreciate the way you find a pic which is matching to your post,always.

As usually,good vocab :-)


RamMmm said...

HNY madam.

thalai vali
poyae poachche
its gone

more postingu pannunga

R-ambam said...

ivlo chinna vayasula thalaivalinna solla kooda theriyaathu paavame !!

post often !

Happy New Year !

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