Sunday, May 25, 2008


They say “Whatever goes up, must come down”..ever since Sir Issac newton saw the falling of an apple..laws of nature are determined and nothing lasts forever. Like Newton, I too witnessed the same, not the falling of an apple but myself….

Mysterious, how this platitude becomes so insignificant when you going up .Nothing matters, You feel like you’re on top of the world and you ARE on top of the world,..suddenly, the world becomes so colorful, you’re zooming thro’ life, with the wind in your hair..and the ground becomes a cloud. …Momentarily you become blasphemous, you feel even god is below you, …Disrespect and contempt for fellow human beings becomes the order of the day, An unworthy self-pride tickles your feet…

And then it happens…

I open my eyes to the realities of the world…….the following are the things I witnessed,

1.My speedometer reads 70 km/hr….
2.Definite chunk of solid air, between my bike tyres and the ground.
3.Behind me,a partially uncovered ditch which was dug by the Electricity Board during last nite’s power outage
4.Front of me, vast expanse of steaming of Indian tar road.

The scene just froze in midair, when my average pea sized brain, tried to string together the above data…

If (2+2=4) then

try {
System.out.println (“ You are now, going to understand how gravity works, when your bike rockets off the ground at 70 km/hr having hit a marshy ditch”);

Case 1: heavily bandaged knee joints and wrist
Case 2: Badly singed and torn pants
Case 3: Fairer complexion, thro’ loss of skin in arms and legs
Default: all of the above

Catch (Exception e)
System.out.println (“You will now, be rescued from the falling bike, by prince charming and live happily ever after)

Well I guess, you all can figure out by yourselves what would have happened…all I know, for sure..was the program never ran into the exception part..hehehe...god bless!



rahul aggarwal said...

yeah kavitha....even i remember an incident when i went up on to the bed one night and came down...i mean fell from the bed and saw myself on the floor very next morning.....

very soon...i realized that wHaTeVeR gOeS uP hAs To CoMe DoWn......


Kavitha Mahalingam said...

hey Rahul..

yes!..i know wat u mean...

Falling from bed, and sommersaulting in air @ 60km/hr..just the same!!! lol

K.Kiran said...


Why don't you put a break-point at the exception and change the values in debugging and force the system run through the code after exception,you may get your Prince Charming.
Hope he will not be a software engineer,then you both will be lost in Coding.