Sunday, July 27, 2008

Little drops of heaven

“Wert thou all that I wish thee, great, glorious and free,
First flower of the earth, and first gem of the sea”

-Thomas Moore,
Remember thee.

Have you ever been wanting something to happen or have for a long long time in your life, that you lose track of how long you been wanting and waiting for it to happen.. And when it does happen finally and the wait is over and you’re in total loss of words to express how you feel…You just look up to the skies and feel those little drops of heaven….priceless feeling!!!!

Today, July 28, 2008…is the single most important day in my recent past A red letter day to be etched in history books, if I have a chapter for myself in schools. Yes!! Today is the day, I got the new SBS A300 Subwoofer Speaker system for my laptop.

It has been one of my long time craving to hear how the Limp Bizkit’s(now) and the BSBs(Then) sound on an amplifier system and had it fulfilled to my heart’s content today!!!

Having born and brought in a family which pretends to have the remotest connection to any that spells and smells like “Music”, my inclination to “my-music” is often treated with the word “Abishtoo” from my near and dears!! Screw em all now!!!!!!!!!
“ My Way”, by Limp Bizkit was the first blessed number played in my new system,It was ironical coz, this song was already playing in winamp from last nite’s playlist and it was a satisfying coincidence ,when I plugged the cord into the was a great feeling to do things “My-Way” for ones, and the next 4:34 mins went in mad vibes around my room , felt like Little drops of heaven!!!!....

Song playing while I’m writing this post : She will be loved by Maroon5


Anonymous said...

Wow... I have never seen someone get so worked up about a 2.1 Subwoofer System... Good Luck!!

rahul aggarwal said...

Congratulations for the new amp...kavitha.....
th only thin that stopped ur long lost insanity was slow feeble music.....but not go ahead....and blast th whole house with the amp's noise...and perfume the environment with the divine power of music.....\m/

Kavitha Mahalingam said...

@ chillpilgrim

thanks mate!
Even you would get worked up if u had spent half your life listening to music on speakers that sounds a lot like mosquitoes on song... :)

@ Rahul
YaY!!! was waiting for ur comment!
Thanks!..with the new system im drving my dad up the wall...long live the divine power of music...and long live SBS A300 Subwoofer Speakers!!! lol

Ranjini said...

congrats kavi!!!!treat :)

Kavitha Mahalingam said...

Sure anytime!!!!

Animated Junk said...

Congrats on ur new woofer...thou i hav not the faintest idea abt it...still i can feel its sumthin u hav wanted REAL badly ....
happy times ahead ;)

Kavitha Mahalingam said...

@animated junk

Thanku...appreciate it!!!!!!