Saturday, August 23, 2008

Maybe I should STFUP

It’s that time of the year,where there’s only one public holiday in a span of 3 months, in the name of independence day, and the mercury in lingering somewhere between 35-38 C, and the dogs on streets go mad howling their lungs out every night, though it drizzles every night, and it only rains cats and dogs when your wearing a fitting white T-Shirt and get soaked to the skin. And there’s this hormone thing kicking in,and you go on a rampage. All you want to do is to throw really sharp things at people and hurt them as much as possible even if it its my dad for not asking me to add salt, to a very questionably saline sambar which I had ceremoniously eaten on one particular dinner without any realization whatsoever. And then yapping about “No-one-cares-for-me-anymore” nonsense.

“You have rapid mood swings, u need to have a control over it” , advised one visiting friend of mine .And I could feel it happening inside, I was immediately looking for any sharp object in the vicinity.

Having blessed with a workplace just 20minutes biking time from home, I posses an incredible knowledge of all bumps ,speed breakers, turns, manholes and cute guys en route to work having trodden the same roads for more than a year now. But thanks to the “Adi sale” hungama, the roads in and around T.Nagar are loaded with one-way Barricades and sign boards. I’m f**king tired, of having to consult auto guys about the new traffic routes every time, I step out of my house which undergoes change 3 times a day.

The voice in my head is under the weather I guess, there’s a lot of blank periods of time during commute or at work, where I have no realization of what I’m doing. Like the other day at work, when I was buzzed for a team meeting, I had myself landed in the restroom instead of the conference room,. Insane!!!...

And, to add fuel to fire, there’s this hell lot of FAQs in ur head, only there are no answers or too many What is the meaning of life? Do I really fit in my shoes? Why can’t the heart be just another muscle in the body? Why do I never feel at home, even when I’m at home ? Will he/she call? Y is the iphone so pricey, or Y am I writing all this in my blog??...damn, it never stops cropping up??!! these questions!..I just wish I knew the answers.

Being twenty something, is one of the dotty phases of a single girl’s life. You just have to get used to people forgetting to say a Hi or a hello when you meet them, Instead they prefer to “ when are you getting married?” nonsense. Mind you, this question is not just bound to the aunties and the oldies in friends and cousins’ weddings, But ppl from all walks of life are at total liberty to fire up this one on you, even if its a second cousin of a friend of a guy in your college, to whom you never spoken to like in a zillion light years, You are by all means extremely obligated and liable to answer them.

Dog Days, these days! That’s what its like. There’s so much happening all around, But yet you’re not flustered by all that.Primarily because you don’t give a damn. And Yet you get driven up the wall by everything and everyone around you. Just hoping against hope its all a matter of time.,

PS : Just wanted to write this post, to get it out of my system.


Animated Junk said...

Oh its the "DAMN days" as i like to call them.
In essence they are flavoured with irritation, frustration, anger, hopelessness, the need to kill urself n everyone around...

Kavitha Mahalingam said...

@ animated junk

Yeah right u are!
damn days or dog days!..Its crap!!!...not worth it sometimes!

rahul aggarwal said...

y r people reading my blog???....plz add this questions to the rest of unanswered ones......hehe

Kavitha Mahalingam said...

i guess, u'll be the right person to answer you own question...

Awaiting ur reply,

Anonymous said...


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rahul aggarwal said...

cool kavitha....gettin readers from book bloggers, editors...way to go...congrats :)

Kavitha Mahalingam said...

yeah Rahul!
looks interesting!
replied to "Richa", in her blog...lets see...
i hope i can make some out of this..(only somebody really insane wud offer money for all the crap i write!!!