Monday, June 29, 2009

Govt loses will, won't scrap anti-gay law soon………….

So reads the headlines on one popular news site.
  • Soon??? How soon is soon?
  • What if they was never a “soon”?
  • How will they decide when the soon did arrive, if they can’t make up their minds now?
Should they have to wait for them., to repeal Section 377 of IPC. Do we humans have any right at all to stall a natural phenomenon? The many religions and religious groups we have so proudly belonged to, considers it a offense.”PROHIBITED” in some. Many say as its against nature., though Science does proves homosexuality is as normal as heterosexual.

Disease. These diseases people talk about is equally or 3 folds more prevalent amongst heterosexuals as well. But the lame and the ignorant still propagate the very idea of the homosexuals being the major source of HIV infections.

“Western culture”- they call it.

How can a state of nature, a third gender be called as an import of a western country. It is a disgrace to India and Indians to call themselves literate and address homosexuality a mere item of developed countries. Ignorant as they may be, its high time they stop exposing their ugly ignorant face and cease propagating more ignorance. Who are they to distinguish what’s “natural” and what’s “not natural” when all of us are off springs of the basic entity called LOVE, It’s not up to anyone to decide or legalize a natural state of being, or who one desires to be with or if we are effeminate. Marriage is not a privilege of the heterosexuals. It’s a human right for all to exercise.

If we are not ready to address this issue now, …It doesn’t prove homosexuality is not there.Our country has a huge democracy, and it’s high time we stop treating homosexuality a taboo and lend a ear to those issues which have been so secretly held in closets for many years.

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