Thursday, June 18, 2009

When a gigantic tidel wave is just inches over ur head,you cant do much except,stand and stare and wait for gravity to do its thing and get washed away from the face of the earth.Im just inches away from that happening.

ANYWAYS (I love saying that word ;)) the silver lining is ,I’m back blogging!

Tormenting the past couple of week has been, ive been trying to keep the throbbing vein in my head under control. Thanks to my movie marathon featuring the following,

  • A walk to remember
  • Riding in cars with boys
  • City of angels
  • When harry met sally
  • Eurotrip*

Except the one superscripted with an asterisk, all the others were top notch insipid romantic tales for the American modern era. Call me a twelve year old year, I don’t give a damn.There’s something about all these flicks, which cannot be watched without a pack of tissues next to you.,Yet will make u smile for 24 hours even after watching the flick.Not to mention, the moving performances of the characters, Drew barryomore(riding in cars with boys),Nicholas cage(City of angels), Mandy moore(A walk to remember) and the ever lovable meg ryan(When harry met sally). These ppl are really something, they have the great ability to squeeze the hell out of one’s emotional juices., truly making justice to all the roles.No wonder they are highly paid-hollywoodians.

The bottom lines is, I had a pleasant week as opposed to my not so pleasant happenings, owing to my movie watching spree.I'll will post separate posts reviewing each of these movies.So, watch out!!!

Hoping to download and watch more, Feel free to suggest movies of this genre.

Note: I’m still looking for the retarded one which suggested EUROTRIP.He is Dead meat, if i get hold of him!!!!!!!!!!!

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Riyaz said...

Notting Hill
The Wedding Singer
Just like Heaven
Music & Lyrics
Love Actualy
Definitely, Maybe
Dancer in the Dark
My Life Without Me
Untamed Heart
P.S. I Love You
I Am Sam

The Boy In The Striped Pajamas
Life as a House
The Cure