Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I promise it won't happen again between us.

To my dearest,

Upon my ever growing list sinful acts, topping the charts is my sickening guilt feeling of having to let go of you………………….

I vividly remember. Just 6 months back, we were so meant to be and it felt so right. I shared my deepest darkest secrets with you ., every minuscule moments, gory glories, worthless fears, the silent cries and all the true lies. You were the first and the last thing I see every day. You’ve been with me at all times. We made new friends together. Together we entertained each other and others. But time has changed, I moved on.For no reasons whatsoever….And here I am in deep remorse for my doing. Words fail me,in expressing how apologetic I am.

Dear BLOG.This black template of yours is all I have.And I miss writing in this space.Hope you accept my apologies for I promise to keep you updated and alive just like the good ol’ times for what was done is history. History cannot be re-lived but can be repeated.And we shall together re-repeat the history, once we were.

Always yours untruly and dreamy,



K.Kiran said...


As soon as I read some of your posts(like this one) the only word that comes to my mind is "Drama Queen".Saying in a +ve way so,no offences meant.The way you put your thoughts into words meticulously deserves a Praise.Btw,good to see you back in the ring,I mean Blogging :-)

Have a nice day,

Kavitha said...

hey Kiran!!

Thanks for the warm welcome.

//the only word that comes to my mind is "Drama Queen//

Thats the second time,ive been called that.Like i always say, "ANYWAYS"..I'm queen of something...hehe...

Thanks for dropping by! :)