Thursday, September 3, 2009

Pretend to hide
Those tears of wrath now denied
Belligerence aroused along her stride
Pretend to hide as she cried.

Cast down by a nefarious soul
Life,amputated by a game so foul
Squealing,morrow melodies of despair
Nursed a bleeding heart forever so bare.

Nightmares of days of frolick with the unknown
Thro burns of the cold,timelessly grown.
Felt the pain, thro gritted teeth
When the mute music abruptly ceased.

Light years of silence loudly pressed.
A vagabond thro day and night.
With sabotaged spirit so damp and still
Here i wait with baited breath for an angelic kill.


K.Kiran said...

Buddy,does Keats,Longfellow etc comes in your dreams quite often.Just checking,as I got see poetry quite often here.

Have a nice weekend,

TheUncanny said...

I wish those guys u mentioned show up in my dreams. :(

Well thanks Kiran for calling tat poetry!..Coz, well,when i read it now,it makes me wonder "did i really write that crap"!!! :)